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Getting Ready for 2017

By November 30, 2016Blog

December is already here, and as we wrap up the year, we need your help with a couple of things as we figure out what we can do to provide the best possible environments for our families in 2017.

For the past few months, we have been asking all of our volunteers to come in for BOTH services weekly from 9am to 1pm to provide environments for Toddlers through Youth group. Not all of them were needed at each service, but we wanted to make sure we had enough volunteers to lead, facilitate, and be extra hands and feet so your kids would LOVE coming to church on Sundays.

Here’s what we’ve been able to observe these first few months of having 2 services:

  • Youth service attendance is up from this time last year by +4 student attendance
  • Elementary attendance is down from this time last year by nearly -15 students
  • Early Childhood attendance is up from this time last year by +5 students
  • Toddler attendance is up from this time last year by +3 students

The positives:

  • More families with younger kids are coming, and many are opting for the 9:30am service, though the 11:30am service is still the larger service (only by a handful of kids!)
  • Youth service is consistently attended by students, and 22 youth volunteer on scheduled weeks! (We had 3 youth volunteers last year!)
  • We have more volunteers than ever! 40+ adults that rotate twice a month!
  • We have 112 students registered as regular attenders
  • We started groups for every grade from 3rd-12th grade (not just high school)

Things we need to work on:

  • Compared to Sep-Nov 2015, we are currently trending downwards -10% attendance in Sep-Nov 2016 (that’s including the +11 more students we have on our roster for those months)
  • Youth Groups at 9:30am started well, but Middle School (6th-8th) attendance sharply declined (only 5 of the 13 students come out regularly), though High School has been steady and consistent
  • Parental participation in helping out with Early Childhood has declined by -40%

Most of the things we need to work on simply come down to a matter of consistent attendance, and in order to schedule our volunteers for 2017 so we can continue to provide fun, safe, and engaging environments, here are 3 things we’re asking all families to do in these next few weeks left in 2016!

  1. Please attend one service time as consistently as you can for the next few weeks! This will help us to really know who is coming, so we can schedule volunteers accordingly!
  2. Attend consistently by prioritizing Sundays. We all have busy schedules, and need to carve out time for the important stuff. Let’s put Jesus first by putting our gathered time in worship first on our calendars
  3. If you are a parent of a Pre/Kinder or Middle School Student and need some extra assistance, even if it’s just a matter of rides, please let us know so we can figure out ways we can partner with you (students@anccbellevue.org). Quantity time leads to quality time, and the number of hours you invest now will bring about spiritual dividends that you will regret not reaping if you don’t put in the effort now to get your kids plugged into groups or a consistent Sunday schedule. 

You already do so much from Monday through Saturday to guide your kids. We want to do our part, in making each Sunday environment a place where they know Jesus and another adult leader loves them, Let us partner with you in creating the best possible spiritual foundation for your kids and let’s do our best to attend consistently, prioritize Sundays, and request assistance if assistance is needed–because every family, every child, and every Sunday really does matter!

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