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Giving Online

By October 15, 2014Blog, Front Page

How Should I Give?

Setting up an ACH (Bank Account) transfer is the absolute best way to give as it incurs the least amount of costs and fees associated for the church and leverages the maximum amount that you donate/give. To give you an idea of how ACH compares to credit/debit cards, consider this:
For every $100 you give:
  • ACH it costs us 49 cents in processing fees (Total Giving: $99.51)
  • Debit charges up to 1.5% of your total transaction, plus 39 cents (Total Giving: $98.11)
  • Credit, depending on the card, charges 2.5-3.5% of your total transaction, plus 39 cents (Total Giving: $96.11)

Now, that may not seem a lot, but multiplied by the number of those who give each and every week, that amounts to hundreds and thousands of dollars saved through ACH. Giving via check during Sunday attendance is the best way, but giving online is the most consistent and most efficient way to give!


How come Pushpay only accepts Visa and Mastercard?

A. Transaction costs to the church via AMEX or Discover can run upwards of 3-4% while Visa and MC typically charge anywhere between 2-3%. Debit is the best way to go  when it comes to cards. ACH (or checking) is available sometime by September 2014.

Why does Pushpay require a phone number?

A. The Pushpay app and account are not only associated with your email, but also with your phone number for security purposes and notifications. You can only create one account per mobile phone number, but you can associate your account with multiple payment options such as ACH, Credit, or Debit cards. However, if you need two or more accounts for accounting purposes, at this time you will need additional mobile numbers to establish accounts.

I forgot to designate my funds, what can I do?

A. If you set something up wrong, simply email us at finance@anccbellevue.org and we can cancel your transaction. If you setup a recurring donation, you must login to Pushpay and cancel it and schedule a new one designating it accordingly.



You can always give online with or without a smartphone. In your browser go to anccbellevue.org/give and click on GIVE ONLINE and follow the same simple steps you would on your phone!


From the Pushpay app, click MORE or the MENU button (typically three dots or lines) and choose RECURRING PAYMENTS, then follow the instructions on the screen to setup repeating gifts.


Not only do we want to foster generosity, but we also want to garner your trust. Browse answers to common questions or contact us if you have any questions about giving online.

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