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Giving Setup (ACH/Recurring Gifts)

By October 21, 2014Blog, Front Page


Step 1: Fill in Payment Details

Enter amount, designate funds, & provide name/email. When ready, click “Next”.

Step 2: Setup Card/ACH

Default is Debit/Credit. Click “Give from Banking Account” to setup ACH. (Instructions Below)

Step 3: Finalize Payment

Click “Give” to finish. You will receive an email confirmation of your donation/gift.


Step 1: Find Account Info

Locate your 9-digit Routing and Account # (found on checks or registers).

Step 2: Enter Bank Info

Pick “Give from Bank Account” to add bank info. Click “Give” to finish.

Already a User?

Login to the app or online and click on “Payment Methods” to add ACH.


Step 1: Select “Recurring”

Recurring gifts require name, email, & phone number.

Step 2: Select Schedule

Select frequency of when your gifts will be scheduled.

Step 3: Review Details

Review all details before you hit “Give”.

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