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Making Sense of Service times for Families

By September 7, 2016Blog

In order to help launch and grow both 9:30am and 11:30am services, we will be providing certain Kid’s & Youth Ministry environments from September 18th-January 1st, so we can determine what is best for our community moving forward in 2017. What does this look like for your family? Here’s what the services will look like:


Toddler, Early Childhood (3’s-K), 1st-5th Services
6th-12th Grade LIFE GROUPS (Every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday)


Toddler, Early Childhood (3’s-K), 1st-5th Services
6th-12th Grade SERVICE (Every Sunday)

How might this affect your family?

1. If you only have youth students (6th-12th), or have youth and some younger kids, we recommend you attend the 11:30am service since both kids and youth services happen weekly on Sundays.

2. If you only have younger children (Elementary or younger), this just means you now have the ability to choose an earlier service time (see below for ways we can make the most of service together!).
2. If you want your Middle or High Schooler to go to groups, this may extend your Sunday mornings if you want your student to be part of groups in the morning AND attend youth service (Groups are at 9:30am every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday, 1st Sundays are reserved for Student Leadership, and 5th Sundays are group optional hangout days).

Making the most of our Sundays Together

1. Commit to a service time and stick with it so groups stay consistent. Consistency is key with our students, and though it may seem harmless to attend another service time, kids that are missing or come into a different group often change the dynamics of the entire day. Help us to serve and tend to your kids by attending one service time on Sunday consistently!

2. Help us keep our Volunteer:Student ratios! Our volunteers love, love, love your kids and nothing delights them more than being able to engage with them personally. In our effort to create a welcoming environment for our families, we are instituting volunteer:student ratio to keep things manageable and relational as much as possible. 1:3 for Toddlers / 1:5 for Early Childhood / 1:7 for Elementary and 1:8 for Youth Life Groups.

3. When ratios are exceeded we’ll do our best to call in additional volunteers. When volunteers are not available, we ask that you would partner with us by either A) electing to stay with your child as an extra volunteer and allow other students to participate as well or B) attending adult service with your child and waiting to be paged when a volunteer becomes available. (This shouldn’t happen very often, but only when we are shorthanded on volunteers!)

4. Please be on time! Not only will this help services and groups start and end in a regular fashion, but you’ll also avoid the possibility of rooms being full for the day and waiting to be paged. 

If you have any questions or want to volunteer, you can always email us at students@anccbellevue.org and we will be happy to serve you in any way we can. Thanks again for partnering with us in guiding the next generation in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ today!

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