Thank you for giving and taking part in changing lives, saving marriages, and moving families towards faith. To that end we have partnered with Pushpay™ to make it easy for you to give and track your giving online.

Need help setting up your account or just need a step-by-step guide? Look no further:

Why Give Online?

Ever forget your checkbook and missed out on an opportunity to give? We know the feeling. Pushpay™ gives us the ability to give conveniently through credit/debit, but maximizes it even more through ACH.

Checks & Cash


Per Transaction

  • Mail or Give in Person
  • Cost of Stamps/Checks
  • Least Convenient



Per Transaction

  • Cheaper than a Stamp
  • No % paid to banks/fees
  • Maximized Giving
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Per Transaction

  • Visa & Mastercard
  • Fees paid to banks
  • Easiest to Setup

Mailing Address for Gifts/Donations:

9737 NE 120th PL #S-TH17
Kirkland, WA 98034

Have Questions about Giving?

* Disclaimer – There is no charge to you for giving online, but the church is charged a fee for each transaction. Debit transactions incur a 1-2.2% fee. Credit transactions, depending on the card, incur a 2-3% fee. We encourage, as much as possible, for gifts to be given in person or through ACH transfers and do not wish anyone to go into debt by tithing or giving on a credit card. We strongly suggest that no one use a credit card unless it is paid off every month.