General Questions about Groups

What are Groups @ ANCC?

Groups are our environments where people are able to experience personal and spiritual growth and do life together. Groups meet weekly for two hours and are usually comprises of 4-12 people to learn, pray, and provide support and accountability for one another.

Where and how often do Groups meet?

Groups meet all over the Eastside and the Greater Seattle area at homes hosted by ANCC members and locations chosen by group leaders that are accessible to others. Groups typically meet weekly, three times out of the month and are committed to meeting over the span of 18 months during a group season.

Do I have to be a member of ANCC to take part in GroupLife?

You do not have to be a member at ANCC, but we also do not encourage those who are members of another church, serving, or part of another community group to join one at ANCC. Otherwise, Groups are open to all who want to experience community and develop relationships with others as they seek to grow in a relationship with Jesus.

Group participation is not the same as membership, but members should take part in Groups. If you are curious what membership entails and means, click here.

Can I switch into another Group even though I am already a part of one?

If you have moved and/or are transitioning into a different life stage and would like to take part in a different group, please reach out to your current group leader. Sticking together in the same group for an entire season is where the real change and experience happens, so we encourage participants not to miss out!

Can I have a friend or guest join me for Group?

Inviting is a core step for spiritual growth, so guests are always welcome. Do your group leader a favor though and give them a heads up!

When are Groups open/closed for new participants?

In order to provide safe and predictable environments for all participants there are seasons where groups are open and closed. Open seasons are every January, May, and September when new participants are incorporated. All other months are closed so that those who are a part of a group can develop some traction together in those seasons.

What is GroupLink and do I have to attend that in order to take part in Groups?

GroupLink is an event that happens every other year in the month of October to kick off a season of groups. Attendance is not required, but it is an opportunity for you to explore other groups and meet new leaders before committing to one group.

Is childcare provided for Groups?

Childcare is not provided by the church and is the responsibility of the individual to arrange. In an effort to partner with you a list of recommended childcare providers can be supplied to you at request using our contact form.

Group Leader F.A.Q.’s

How and what sort of things can I do to effectively lead my Group?

Effective leadership as a group leader is someone who can guide discussions, demonstrate care for others, and lives out our church mission. Preparation and punctuality are also valuable assets to a group leader. Each general meeting should follow this framework: 1) Church announcements 2) Discussion or Study 3) Prayer Requests

Where can I find material/resources to lead my Group?

Groups facilitate discussions around the things that we are learning together as a church. All sermon based material can be found on the Resources page. Alternatively, if your group is looking to study a book during a season, curriculum materials can be found on the Groups page (TBD).

My Group is growing beyond 8-12 people. What do I do?

That’s great news! As your group grows, like all good things there are limits. These limits keep your group engaged for everyone involved. When your group grows beyond 8-12 people, now is a great time for you to invest in another person who can become a group leader themselves. Reach out your groups director to take the next steps toward multiplying your group.

What do I do with questionable things that are shared in Group?

Matters that are legally binding involving abuse, domestic violence (emotional or physical), criminal activity, and anything that poses a threat to the individual or someone else needs to be reported by law to the appropriate authorities in a timely manner (usually 1-3 business days).

The first step is to reach out to church pastors and staff so that matters can be handled in a swift and sensitive manner according to the law. Contact us immediately by leaving a message at (425) 270-7388 or email at: with “URGENT” as the subject.