There are various ways that people at ANCC are caring for others in and around our community. Let us know how we can serve you and care for you in this season of life.

To contact us and request care, please use the following link and someone will contact you shortly.


One way we support each other is through praying . Everyone is struggling with something, and that is all the more reason we can pray for another another. It’s not the prayer that is powerful, it’s God who is. Let us know how we can be praying for you by using the contact button on this page to let us know how we can be mindful of you!


Marriage is a gift that God has given us but it is also something that can become very difficult for all of us. Just with anything that grows, marriage takes a lot of prayer, work, and intentionality to develop healthy marriages. All of us need some help. This coaching curriculum is designed to help each couple to overcome their issues and give them the resources and tools to build a healthy and lasting marriage.


Family member in the hospital? In the process of bereavement or need help with funeral arrangements? Or maybe you are going through a transition in your life? Let us know how we can care for you and support you through the many events and seasons of life.


We deeply care for the members of our community and know that things never go according to plan. Whether it’s a marriage in need of intervention, pending divorces, drug abuse, or relationships scarred due to sin, let us connect you with others who can counsel and direct you towards hope and restoration in God.