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We believe relationships and environments guide people. How do we know this? If you look back at your life there were people that providentially guided you towards God. You probably also had experiences that pointed you in His direction.

Imagine if people and places came together to guide people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s our goal, and that’s how we can partner together. People + Places. Let’s be a people who invites, and provide an environment that helps people encounter God!

Event Invitation

One of the best ways to introduce others to community is through mingling with others at events.

Sunday Invitation

Invite someone to a Sunday service or send them a sermon that might pique their interest.

Group Invitation

Invite a friend to groups, whether to study a topic of interest or to get to know some other people.

How do you send invitations and information about ANCC?
It’s simple:

  1. Click on an invitation type below
  2. Use the social media sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email) to send that page to your guest.

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