At ANCC, we believe that membership is an important aspect of community. It represents a commitment to walk together as we grow together in Jesus Christ. Practically speaking, we believe membership revolves around these five core commitments: Prioritizing Sundays, Participating in Groups, Percentage Giving, Personal Ministry, Private Disciples, and Partnering in Serving.

We recognize that change does not occur overnight, but as members, we encourage one another to fulfill all five commitments as we continue to walk together.

The membership process is simple and straight-forward. Once you complete these steps you will be notified and welcomed into the ANCC community as a member.

  1. Check the calendar for our next membership class (typically in Jan/Feb, May/June, and Sept/Oct).
  2. Sign up for a Membership Class using the link on the calendar.
  3. Fill out a Membership Application that will be sent to you by our Membership Director or use the link below.
Membership Application

For inquiries or more information on Membership, use the link below to contact us!