At ANCC, we believe there are a few major choices in life that require considerable wisdom, guidance, and counsel. Marriage is one of them, as it involves God’s design for a man and a woman to enter into a relationship that would reflect His covenantal love. We strongly encourage couples who are thinking of marriage, or those that are currently engaged, to consider formal premarital counseling to prepare them for the continuing the work of growing in a relationship with Jesus together.

To apply for premarital counseling, at least one partner should be a covenant member of ANCC in good standing. Both parties also acknowledge that all facilities are used and wedding services are conducted with worship in mind, informed and guided by our Christian faith, doctrine, and practice. For inquiries, please contact us at:


  • Submit a request for premarital counseling at least six months before your anticipated wedding date.
  • Once your request is confirmed and processed, submit a signed copy of the Premarital Counseling Agreement with a check for all fees to complete your registration.
  • Upon receipt, couples will be sent a login code for your Prepare/Enrich assessment, which will be used during your counseling (the cost of this assessment is included with your sessions).

We look forward to walking alongside of you as you enter into this journey and pray that God would be glorified in and through your marriage!




All of our pastors are Prepare/Enrich certified counselors. To find out more, or to get an overview of the assessment, click here.