At ANCC we believe it takes a church community partnered with individual families to guide students in a growing relationship with Jesus. Faith formation is crucial in the context of community–in fact, it does not happen without it. That’s why Family Dedication is so important to us and for you!

Whether your child is six months old, six years old, or in 6th grade Family Dedication gives you, the parent, and opportunity to partner with the church by professing your desire to do what only you can do in guiding them to know and love Jesus Christ. We as a church would love to come alongside of you, to become another voice and presence in the life of your family, and also to provide some guidance in taking these first steps in faith.

Family Dedication Orientations takes place once or twice in the year. Check the calendar for orientation and dedication dates (you can also RSVP on the calendar or email us at

If you’re ready to get started, here’s how we can partner together and use the links below:

  1. Find the next date for Family Dedication Orientation
  2. RSVP for Orientation & Pick up a Parent Packet @ Student Info Center on Sundays
  3. Listen to the Parent Talks & Do the Parent Homework 
  4. Invite your friends and family to Family Dedication
  5. Join us in celebrating this milestone for your family this Mother’s Day or Christmas!