As a church, our mission is to partner with parents, and a key component in guiding students in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ is helping them to discover their identity in Christ, to develop the gifts and talents He’s given them, and to help them develop as disciples so they can in turn disciple others.

Schools may prepare your student for college, but we exist to help guide your students towards Christ-like character and a faith that is fruitful.


Jesus shows us that leadership is about service and service leads to influence. Not every student may be a “leader”, but Jesus Christ called us all to serve, and wherever you serve you will have influence to change the culture or change the life of someone around you. Student Leadership is a ministry track designed to help your student “improve their serve” so they can grow in faith and be fruitful in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Student Leadership for?

All students can serve, but not all those who serve are going to be Student Leaders. In summary, students who wish to serve mainly on Sundays, assist, support, and contribute to the community with a need for flexible scheduling are encouraged to grow as volunteers.

Students who wish to be part of Leadership Development are those who want to take on extra commitment, desire coaching, covenant to a more extensive schedule, and make it a priority to grow in service to others.

What are the commitments?

All student volunteers and potential Student Leaders commit to the following:

> Prioritizing Sundays: Taking part in a regular Sunday service environment

> Participating in Groups: Belong to a small group (Life Group) environment regularly

> Partnering in Serving: Commit to serving in Kids or Youth Ministry environments

Student Leader applicants must, additionally, commit to and demonstrate the following:

> Prioritizing attendance of monthly trainings (1st Sunday of the month)

> Working with adult volunteers to welcome, encourage, and provide care for other students

> Availability to serve at 4 major events during the calendar year.

Fulfilling these commitments are also part of eligibility for various conferences and trips that Student Leaders have the privilege of participating in over the course of the year.

How will applicants be chosen?

All applicants should look over their current commitments/ calendars and see if they are first available to fulfill Student Leadership obligations. Students must be current student volunteers who have demonstrated a commitment to their current responsibilities, who show concern and care for others, and aspire to Christ-like character and works.

Pastoral staff will then work with students’ group leaders and parents to determine which applicants will compose Student Leadership for the next yearly term.

What materials are being covered?

Although there is no one-size-fits-all curriculum for youth, there are plenty of resources from which to pull from to use for Leadership Development. Here are some of the resources that we will mainly pull from and add to for our Leadership Development track (High School Seniors will pull material from sources that will help them transition into college):

Habitudes ( – Emphasis on character and leadership principles
LeaderTreks ( – Emphasis on discipleship
DYM ( – Emphasis on spiritual gifts and development
Sticky Faith for Teens ( – Emphasis on transitions and college life


The goal for Leadership Development is to help students go from attending, to belonging, to engaging members in their faith community and beyond. It’s not just about developing leadership habits and responsibilities, but helping them to grow into all that God has created them to be—and that can’t happen without growing in service to God and others.

As part of Student Leadership Development, on top of the three commitments above, we will also guide students in growing in the following areas:

  • Private Disciplines: Developing habits in spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible study, etc.)
  • Percentage Giving: Teaching students faithful stewardship of resources
  • Personal Ministry: Practicing ways to invest, invite, and influence their circle of friends

In doing so, students will:

DISCOVER their talents and who they are in Christ.
DEVELOP their character in the context of community.
DISCIPLE others and grow in faith and works.